The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum

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Pat Roberson eRealty Austin Real EsatteAustin Texas is such a place where there are different kinds of museums. Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum is remarkable as it is a great place where a glimpse of the history of Texas in Austin. The Bob Bullock Museum is a part of Texas State Preservation Board. This museum is named after the Ex Texas Lieutenant Governor Bob Bullock. The multiple floors of this museum are equipped with interactive sites to describe the past and heritage of Texas. The Museum is located at 1800 North Congress in a close vicinity to the State Capitol Complex. Each floor of the museum is devoted to the different aspect of the history of Texas like land, identity and opportunity. There are two theatres in the Bob Bullock Texas State Museum like Texas Spirit Theater and an IMAX Theatre a special effects theatre. One of the special effects theater features the film called The Star of Destiny. The IMAX theatre features a signature film called Texas: The Big Picture. The Bob Bullock Texas Museum also conveys the story of Texas and prior to becoming a part of the United States, Texas was a separate republic. The Bob Bullock Texas museum narrates the days of Texas as a republic and features it’s every unique points right from the pioneers of the place to the cowboys. It is also named as Texas Memorial Museum as it features the natural history of Texas and is located in the campus and has wide collections of the findings in the subjects like geology, biology and paleontology. The specimens discovered from Texas are specifically highlighted along with the fossils, gems and wildlife from different parts of the United States.

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The  Museum has the original goddess of Liberty, a full sized windmill and a plane of which belongs to the 1941 AT 6  along with smaller displays and multimedia demonstrations. A 37 foot-tall bronze Lone Star sculpture welcomes the visitors at the entrance of the museum. The vibrant terrazzo floor of the museum features a camp fire scene which reminds us of the past of Texas. The museum is devoted to present before a large population the continuously unfolding history of Texas and shows particular interest to interpret past from diverse points of view to suite the perspective of the visitors. There is a café and a store in the museum periphery.


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