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– The Governor of each state has many duties and is considered the First Person of the state.  To show honor to the Governor, every state provides a home in which the Governor lives.  In most cases the home is located in the capital of the state.  In Texas, the state capital is Austin and the Governor’s mansion is located at 1010 Colorado Street.  The mansion was built in 1854 and the Governor of the state of Texas has lived there every year since then.  The elegant mansion has deep historical roots.  The historic landmark is the fourth oldest Governor’s mansion in the United States.  The mansion has undergone several remodels since 1854.  The Governor’s mansion is filled with priceless antiques and museum quality pieces, including the world famous mahogany bed constructed during the era of Governor Ferguson and the writing desk of Governor Stephen F. Austin.  The Governor’s Mansion is open to visitors and tours. Link below to mansion tours:


Austin Real Estate Pat Roberson Broker eRealtyIn the year of 2007 the mansion was closed due to the renovation and during the renovation there was a major fire at the mansion. It brought immense damage to the mansion and it is suspected that the fire was started purposefully by an arsonist and the person of interest was the man who resided in Austin that was arrested at the 2008 Democratic for possession of explosives. Many of the antiques were destroyed in the fire and the mansion was almost a total loss. The current Governor of Texas, Mr. Rick Perry with his wife Anita Perry, moved from the house to a private home to start the restoration to make the mansion original to the late 1800s. After 3 years of tough renovation and restoration work the mansion is now complete and Governor Perry and his wife have announced they are again ready to live in the 156 year old house. Tours are expected to resume this month.

Austin Real Estate Pat Roberson Broker eRealty


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