Mount Bonnell in Austin Texas

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Austin TX – Hiking in the Hill Country is never a quite comfortable experience. Especially in hot Texas summer, the idea of hiking seems to be somewhat crazy. But if the heat is not much problem for you, than you can safely choose the summer to view Mount Bonnell as you can find this legendary tourist spot free from any crowds. The height of Mount Bonnell is 780 feet from the sea level and the hike is never a problem because the stone steps provide you an easy climb.

Pat Roberson - eRealty - Austin Real EstateThis tourist spot is related with a number of histories and legends. The place is named after George W. Bonnell who was a commissioner on Indian Affairs under Sam Houston. This particular peak and the surrounding park, known as Covert Park, were gifted to the city of Austin in the year 1939. Some common legends is the myth of a young woman who tried to escape from the Indians by jumping off the peak because her fiancé was killed by the same Indians so the peak of Mount Bonnell is also known as Antonette’s Leap.

Pat Roberson Real Estate Agent - eRealty - Austin Real EstateRomance is the common element in the air of Mount Bonnell. The common legend says that if a couple completes the climbing on this peak following the long stairway, they will obviously fall in love with each other the moment they reach the top. If the climbs the peak twice, the will become engaged. And if they climb the peak for the third time, there is no escape but marriage. A common Austin date is to see the sunset or watch the stars from the peak of the Mount Bonnell. It is considered that each true couple of Austin has dated on this romantic peak at least once in their coupled life.

Pat Roberson real Estate Agent - eRealty - Austin real EstateNot only as the dating place for couples, Mount Bonnell also famous for a family picnic spot with a pavilion with picnic tables. All you need to pack is some food, a good camera and a cooler for the heat. The mesmerizing views of Lake Austin, West Lake Hills, Tom Miller Dam and landscapes from Mount Bonnell have attracted many tourists for a long time.

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