Austin Texas The Place To Live

eRealty Pat Roberson Austin Real EstateIt is a hard job to select which particular things to do while living or visiting Austin Texas as the list is endless. From bat watching to a beautiful ride on the lake, from watching sunset at Oasis to seeing Texas State Capitol or indulging in some live music or simply hang out in a beautiful downtown of Austin. There are actually lots of exciting things to do while staying at Austin Texas. If history is attraction for a person travelling about Austin, he must visit the State Capitol Building. The local expression that things are bigger in Texas is true in this building as the State Capitol is taller than even the U.S. Capitol building. Bremond Block is an interesting area with 11 historical Victorian homes built around the 1800s. The Blanton Museum of Art is a great place for the art lovers at the University of Texas. The Bob Bullock State History Museum has the only IMAX theatre in Austin and the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and Museum is a must see museum of Austin Texas. The Oasis, an Austin institution, is a grand place which overlooks Lake Travis. This place has a cliff side of decks where people can sit, eat and drink watching the sunset. The Colorado River flows through Austin region creating many lakes forming a large area of water spanning over 100 miles. Lake Travis is the most beautiful and most frequented lake of Austin Texas. A trip of Lake Travis should be packed off with activities like boating, fishing and skiing. Austin Texas is the largest urban colony of the bats. Every year in the months of March and April around 1.5 millions of Mexican free tail bats migrate to Austin.  Watching the bats covering the sky at dusk is a popular activity in Austin Texas especially for those who have never see this amazing sight before. To fully experience the amalgamation of different cultures and the easy go attitude of Austin Texas simply hang out downtown on a weekend. Austin is the paradise of live music as it features rock, jazz, blue, blue grass and many more. South West Music Festival is a great occasion of live music at Austin Texas making Austin the Capital of Live Music.

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