Texas Homestead

Just what is an Austin homestead?


An actual homestead is a separate home, condo as well as a fabricated home positioned on owned and even leased land, so long as individual residing in the property is the owner. The homestead include as much as twenty acres, when the land is held by the property owner in addition is put to use for a reason linked to the residential usage on a homestead.


In Austin which homestead exemptions are offered?


There are various forms of exemptions you can obtain Austin:

School taxes: Every resident homestead property owners could be given a $15,000 homestead exemption using their property’s value pertaining to school taxes.

County taxes: If your county charges any special taxes for the purpose of farm to market roadways and flood management, the property homestead holder will acquire a $3,000 exemption due to this tax. When the county allows the available exemption just for homeowners age range 65 or older and also handicapped, the actual owners can obtain just the local option exemption.

Age group 65 and older or disabled exemptions: Homeowners 65 plus or disabled resident homestead property owners may well are eligble for the $10,000 homestead exemption just for school taxes, along with the $15,000 exemption for any property owners. In the event the property owner is eligible for the two $10,000 exemption 65 plus property owners along with the $10,000 exemption relating to disabled property owners, the homeowner needs to pick one or another for school taxes. The particular owner are unable to acquire both exemptions.

Optional percentage exemptions: Any specific taxing item such as a city, county, school faculty, as well as special district may possibly include an exemption as high as twenty percent of the residence’s value. Yet, regardless of what the actual percentage might be, the sum for any optional exemption can not be lower than $5,000. Every taxing unit determines whether it can provide any exemption as well as just what percentage. This kind of percentage exemption will be added onto every other home exemption where a homeowner owner is eligible. This taxing unit needs to determine prior to July 1st within the tax year to provide this particular exemption.

Optional 65 and older or a disabled exemption: All taxing units might provide an added exemption in a minimum of $3,000 on taxpayers 65 and older or disabled.


How to obtain a standard $15,000 homestead exemption in Austin?


You can record an Austin Homestead Exemption with the appraisal district for a $15,000 homestead exemption until 1 year following their taxes to the homestead that are due.


An application is available at: http://www.window.state.tx.us/taxinfo/taxforms/50-114.pdf

Or visit

Texas Comptroller

Lyndon B. Johnson State Office Building

111 East 17th Street

Austin, Texas 78774


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