Anderson Mills Homes for Sale

Anderson Mills Homes for Sale, North Austin TX

Austin Texas – Anderson Mills a Texas area long ago was considered a little town. After the civil war this town acted as a support in the form of a confederacy which progressed and remerged into mill areas in the Austin in 20th century. Thomas Anderson is the founder of Anderson Mills and as such its name came into known. At first this mill was 16 miles from Austin and from there first operation of Anderson Mills was started. During there initial stages they produce gun powder for the confederate Army. But after the war this business has changed many times. After that Anderson Mills converted into gristmills to ground grain into flour and later Anderson himself acted as a postmaster.

From there this small mill town place has decreased and both post office and mills of Anderson was closed because developed steam driven mills and cotton gins came into force and people from there moved to different places. From that time Anderson Mills disappeared and people did not come back for a long period of time. For awhile the area was only known for its historical place. With a growth in population in Austin in last two to three decades it became a suburb of Austin with a growing home supply. After 2008 the area was recognized by the government of Austin as a town and now a well populated city with a great demand on real estate housing. Please see the map above for properties for sale.

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